Since the Middle Ages, Porto San Giorgio was known as Navale Firmanum or Castrum Firmanorum. The first fortification of the Fosso Rivo’s valley was established  by the Episcopate of Fermo.

After the XI and XII centuries, the Portus Sancti Georgi, became property of the municipality of Fermo.  Its strategic position between Venice and the central coast of Italy was very important for the commercial development of the town. With the podestà Lorenzo Tiepolo (1266 – 1267) future Doge of Venice, there was the first real structuring of Porto San Giorgio: he ordered the building of Rocca Tiepolo and the city walls, on the upper part of the city.


Since the XVII century the Port struggled to obtain independence from Fermo.

The name Porto San Giorgio was chosen by Pope Pius IX during his visit in 1857: it derives from the name of the city Church dedicated to the Saint. In 1875 the Senate of the Kingdoms of Italy approved the law that provided the separation of San Giorgio’s parish from Fermo, to admit it with that of Porto San Giorgio.

In the first decades of the 20th century Porto San Giorgio saw the seaside expansion, with its main architectural buildings, such as the Liberty Villas.

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